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Data Science at Osnabrück University

Main idea

Data Science as an interdisciplinary scientific field is concernde with central challenges of our time. The processing, preparation and analysis of large amounts of data, as well as applications of the results, are increasingly pervading science, business and society. Statements on and applications of Big Data, Deep Learning, Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistics and closely related areas/disciplines are highly topical issues in science and everyday life, with a great innovation potential to solutions to central current and future challenges.

At the Osnabrück University, topics related to Data Science are very prominently represented in research, teaching and technology transfer in many ways. In particular, researchers from research groups directly involved at the AI-Campus and from Statistics to those ones from the extra-university research areas of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Osnabrück are intensively discussing questions in the field of Data Science. Currently the research unit has its main focus on cognition-,  informatics-, and mathematics/statistics-oriented approaches in the field of Data Science.
However, the research unit is designed to be thematically open, as it must be the case with such a dynamically developing field. Other scientists interested in Data Science are cordially invited to join us.

The main idea of the research unit is the networking of its members from the various working groups and departments related to Data Science in research and teaching.

Topics and Objectives:

The central objective of the research unit is to structurally anchor Data Science as a key technology at the Osnabrück University. The current focus of the work is on the development and application of cognition-, informatics-, and mathematical/statistical-oriented methods to answer central questions of Data Science and closely related areas. In particular, the Research Unit Data Science offers a platform for joint exchange on current topics and issues in research and teaching.

Short- and medium-term objectives are:

  • Establishment of the research unit - in particular, also as part of the AI-Campus of the university.
  • Identification and processing of joint research activities on topics of the research unit.
  • Coordinate and organize university-wide activities on Data Science and related topics.
  • Providing information on the work or offerings of the research unit.
  • Identification of existing courses in the field of Data Science, which can be made accessible to interested students from other disciplines, provided that they meet the relevant requirements.
  • Offers to supervise interdisciplinary theses.
  • Raise awareness of data analysis and data management issues and provide relevant
    information in this regard.


Medium and long-term objectives are:

  • Further development and expansion of the internal and external activities of the research unit described above.
  • Identification of potentials where teaching offers on the topic of Data Science can be further developed together and structurally.
  • Identification and implementation of joint research projects.